How I work...

free face-to-face consultation  (45 minutes to 1 hour)
I meet with all my clients personally, giving us an opportunity to get to know one another, to explore the looks you may have in mind for your photos, and to get you and your wardrobe prepared for the day of your session. I find that this one-on-one time contributes significantly to the success of my work. After we meet, you can decide if you are interested in scheduling.

the session  (generally: Women, 3.5 hours- 5 hours - Men, 2.5 hours - 4 hours)
One of the biggest tools in learning my craft as an actor was watching video playback after shooting a series of takes. I wanted to bring this same process to my headshot sessions. I begin each session by shooting a series of images, and then we sit down together to review them. We take what we have learned about your face angles, personality, and comfort level in front of the camera, and then we go back to working in front of the camera. This process is repeated throughout the shoot. It takes time, but I find that an overwhelming majority of the clients I work with grow more relaxed in front of the camera by having access to this feedback, and it immeasurably informs our progress.  By the time the session is over, we have reviewed all the images and made preliminary selections together. The session isn’t over until you feel that we have covered all your needs and you feel you have ample choices to work with for your final selections.

follow up
Within three days, I will electronically send you your images to review and make your final picks. I am available for input and to answer questions throughout your selection process.

I offer retouching as an extra service. Fees depend on the amount of work, but for your protection, I cap them at $70 per shot. We work together in person to achieve just the right amount of retouching you desire.

I will provide you with three files for each shot that you chose to retouch -- one ready for printing, one for electronic submission, and one sized for the web.